About Us

Doug Iannelli has a bachelor’s degree in aviation management and a master’s degree in business administration. He worked as a manager in the airline industry and as a personal-care provider before starting Appointment Companions and its sister company, Flying Companions, in 2007. After a close family friend became physically impaired following a stroke, Doug started the companies to allow seniors and persons with special needs to live and travel independently.

With Appointment Companions, he soon started getting calls not only from seniors and persons with special needs but also from younger adults who needed transportation for rehabilitation sessions and outpatient procedures that required sedation.

Both companies have enjoyed rapid success, with dozens of happy clients. Appointment Companions works with a number of service providers in Metro Atlanta for seniors and persons with special needs, as well as outpatient diagnostic and surgery centers. Flying Companions has received referrals from providers across the country and has been featured in articles in newspapers and publications nationally.

Both companies are fully insured, and Appointment Companions is a licensed transportation provider registered with Georgia Public Service Commission.

  • Founder: Doug Iannelli