Who can help me get to an appointment?

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - Appointment Companions offers a range of services to allow seniors in Metro Atlanta to attend appointments independently. The company provides an experienced, insured companion who transports the client to the appointment and stays with the client to assist during the process.

The company was started to fill a need not addressed by medical transport companies. “We realized that getting to the appointment was only part of the problem,” said Doug Iannelli, President of Appointment Companions LLC. “Most seniors also need some help once they get there, from finding the doctor’s office inside the building to completing forms in the waiting room.”

The Appointment Companion can also serve as the eyes and ears for the client’s family members. “A lot of adult children just can’t be there, but they would still like to talk directly to the doctor to make sure he knows what’s going on with their mom or dad,” said Mr. Iannelli. “With cell phones, it’s no problem to facilitate that kind of communication. It takes a huge amount of stress off family members to have us act as their stand-in when they can’t be there.”

Appointment Companion Services

  • Roundtrip transport anywhere in Metro Atlanta in a spacious sedan.
  • Arrange a wheelchair van if necessary and accompany the client in the van.
  • Provide wheelchair assistance.
  • Complete paperwork and communicate with office staff.
  • Provide cell phone updates to a family member or friend and let them speak directly with the client or the person the client is meeting.
  • Remind the client the day before the appointment to bring medications or paperwork.

The service costs $45 for the first hour and $35 each additional hour, with a 2-hour minimum. Sedan service is included in the price and no tipping required.

Appointment Companions provides exceptional service and comfort to the senior. For more information please visit www.appointmentcompanions.com or call 404-805-4332.