Our Services

  • We provide roundtrip transportation anywhere in Metro Atlanta in a spacious sedan.
  • We can arrange a wheelchair van, if necessary, and accompany the client in the van to and from the appointment.
  • We assist the client in and out of the vehicle and into the office.
  • We help the client sign in, complete paperwork, communicate with office staff, and we remain in the waiting room throughout the entire visit.
  • We provide cell-phone updates to a family member or friend and allow them to speak with the person the client is meeting.
  • We confirm and remind the client the day before the appointment to bring necessary medications or paperwork.
Appointment Assistance

We handle any type of appointment, trip or errand.

Doctor Appointment Assistance
  • Doctor appointments
  • Dental appointments
  • Outpatient cosmetic procedures
  • Colonoscopies, endoscopies, chemotherapy, dialysis, and other outpatient procedures and tests
  • Eye examinations
  • Trips to the pharmacy
  • Trips to the veterinarian with pets
  • Shopping trips
  • Trips to the post office
  • Trips to the bank
  • Visits with friends and family
  • Visits to parks, museums, and the movie theater
  • Meetings with attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors
  • Airport transportation